Where to Get Animal Hide Quickly in V Rising

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You will need plenty of resources to craft the items that you need. In this guide, we will see how to get animal hide in V Rising.

Where to Get Animal Hide Quickly in V Rising

You will need animal hide to craft leather, which in turn will help you craft better armor and equipment. Here we will see how to get more hide in V Rising.

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You will get animal hide as a drop from defeating creatures. It doesn’t matter which creature you slay, but wolves seem to have a better drop rate for animal hides. You can find plenty of them while roaming Farbane Woods, and even more, while exploring the Wolf Den south of the Woods. You will get plenty of wolves spawning here at all times, and you will even get a chance to defeat the Alpha Wolf.

Now that you have your hide, you can visit your Tannery to convert it into leather. You can get the Tannery blueprint by defeating Keely, the Archer of Frost, and you have unlocked that, you can use the leather to create new armor like the Nightstalker armor. But you will need plenty of animal hide to make one piece of leather, so you will have to go back now and then to farm them from creatures in the wild.

That’s all there is to know about farming animal hides in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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