How to Beat Meredith the Bright Archer in V Rising?

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When you are in the Dunley Farmlands, you will find different bosses on different levels as you keep upgrading you will get to different levels and different boxes with different abilities and difficulties will come in your way and when you reach Level 52 in the Deadly farmlands you will find the boss called “Meredith The Bright Archer”. She is one of the deadliest animals that you can face in V Rising and there’s a reason why she is at Level 52. We will guide you in order to defeat her and absorb her powers so read through till the end. 

How to defeat Meredith The Bright Archer in V Rising?

First of all, let’s see where can you find Meredith the Bright Archer. You can find Meredith the Bright Archer within the Haunted Iron Mine in the Dunley Farmlands or in the nearby area to the Haunted Iron Mine. The items that you will get after defeating Meredith the Bright Archer are first of all the Vampire power called Sanguine Cell and the recipe for the Wood Thread.

We would recommend some special gears and skills which you can acquire before facing Meredith the Bright Archer. You should have full iron and wool equipment at the minimum before you decide to start fighting Meredith. Having one or more defensive skills is a very good idea too. Well, this will allow you to safely block her Arrow shots.

Now, in order to beat Meredith The Bright Archer who is always flanked by a group of four other archers. You will need to draw a lot of range damage in the early part of this fight. Meredith The Bright Archer has five main abilities:

  •  A straight Arrow shot.
  •  A blessed shot that will stun you.
  •  A rain of arrows.
  •  A dash that can damage you in a Melee attack.
  •  And lastly the ability to summon two Melee Warriors. 

First of all, you will want to try to pick off any at in the area if you can take her into a deeper area of the mine just do it this will reduce the chances of human patrols joining your fight. Once you are ready to fight her, begin by killing her bodyguards because that will really help you in fighting her more easily. After this, it’s all about staying away and dodging the arrows. Her dash will definitely do damage but the arrows will hurt much more and you will lose much more health. Slowly try to decrease her health using your choice of melee, ranged, or magic attacks and even all three at once. If you keep doing this steadily you will eventually beat Meredith The Bright Archer.

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