How to Get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

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V Rising like all survival games requires a lot of grinding for resources. One of the hardest to get resources is the Greater Blood Essence. Greater Blood Essence is required to set up the servant coffin – one of the objectives of the game and it’s also an ingredient in better magic sources such as Duskwatcher’s Rings. These are just early users of the Greater Blood Essence. You can also use this resource to make other high-tier items in the game. Keep reading and we will tell you how to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

The Greater Blood Essence is not a lootable item, nor have we seen any human, animal, or boss drop it at the early stages of the game. If we found a new source we will update the post. The only way to get the Greater Blood Essence in V Rising is to set up the Blood Press, which is capable of making blood essence of all types. Setting up the blood press is easy and you should be able to do it at the early stage. However, getting the ingredient for Greater Blood Essence can be a grind.

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You require the 4 X Unsullied Heart to make one Greater Blood Essence and there is no specific place where you can get the item. We have seen Wolves, Trappers, and some other high-tier humans drop the item, but there is no way to farm the item as of now. You need to keep farming for resources killing wolves and humans. This way you will keep getting the Unsullied Heart every once in a while.

Greater Blood Essence

The Unsullied Heart can also be consumed for blood, but don’t make that mistake as this resource is too precious to be wasted for blood.

Once you have four Unsullied Hearts, you can simply open the Blood Press and put the item into the input section and in no time, you will get the Greater Blood Essence. We will update the post when we have info on better ways to farm the item. 

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