Waygate Teleport Issue in V Rising Explained (You Cannot Teleport while Carrying Resources)

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V Rising is a vampire survival game that has a number of unique features available. Here, players play as vampires who can’t roam around in daylight. So, the night is the best time to hunt for the vampires. Also, they need to come back to their castle before day breaks. Otherwise, they can be turned into ashes if exposed to the sun.

Waygates are the fast travel system of V Rising. Players can use the Waygates to return to their castle. But surprisingly, players get an alert while trying to travel through the Waygates, saying, “You Cannot Teleport While Carrying Resources.” Numerous players face this issue, and they wonder if it is a bug or glitch. 

This guide will try to answer your queries regarding this “You Cannot Teleport While Carrying Resources” issue in V Rising.

V Rising “You Cannot Teleport While Carrying Resources” Issue- Is it a Bug or Glitch?

If you also have faced the same problem and have the same question, let me tell you no. It is neither a glitch nor a bug. Instead, this is a game feature that doesn’t allow players to fast travel through the Waygates while carrying resources. In V Rising, players need to get back to their castle before the sunrise, and it is obvious that if they find a Waygate, they will try to use it to return to the castle in a moment. 

The developers designed the game to prevent them from returning to the castle using the Waygates while carrying resources. If you don’t have any resources with you, you can easily use the Waygates and return to your castle. The game won’t prevent you. 

Because it is a survival game, the developers want the players to survive on their own skills rather than using the fast travel system to teleport from one location to another. Therefore, if you are carrying resources, you have to use other methods and get back to your castle before the day begins. You can use the horse or become a Wolf to travel the path faster. But you can’t use the Waygates. However, it is not a bug or glitch, so there is no solution to this problem. Instead, it tests your survival skills and your potential to protect yourself in crucial situations.

That’s all you need to know about the fast travel issue- “You Cannot Teleport While Carrying Resources” in V Rising. If you face this problem and think it as a glitch or bug, check out our guide to know why it is appearing and the way to solve it. 

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