How to Get Sulphur in V Rising

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V Rising has a lot of resources that you can farm. As you start the game, you may come across resources that have no apparent use at the time or you cannot farm them, but as you increase your gear level, you will be able to farm these resources. Another important aspect of the game is bosses or V Blood carrier. Defeating these bosses unlocks new production units as well as recipes that you can make reducing the need to farm them from the world. When looking to set up the Alchemy Table and after that, you will require Sulphur. If you are wondering how to get Sulphur in V Rising, we have you covered. Keep reading and you will get all the info required to produce the resource.

Where to Find Sulphur in V Rising

The raw material for Sulphur is Sulphur Ore, which can be found by farming yellow stones similar to copper ore stones. You need to hit these stones to farm Sulphur Ore. Once you have Sulphur Ore, you can use the Furnace to make Sulphur; however, the recipe must be unlocked first.

Vrising Sulphur

You need to beat Clive the Firestarter to unlock the Sulphur recipe in the Furnace. Once the Sulphur recipe has been unlocked, you can make one Sulphur from 20 X Sulphur Ore. The same boss also unlocks the production unit Alchemy Table.

That’s all we have in this guide. Check the V Rising category for more guides and tips on how to play the game.

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