How to Beat Clive the Firestarter Boss in V Rising

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V Rising has a variety of bosses at various difficulties for players to track down and defeat for riches, in the open-world vampire survival game. Once you reawaken as a vampire after sleeping for centuries, you will need to kill for blood. Defeating bosses will grant you more items and powers that will help you in the game, so you should try to track them down whenever you are ready. This guide will take you through the process of how to beat the boss Clive the Firestarter Boss in V Rising.

How to Defeat Clive the Firestarter Boss in V Rising

As the name goes, Clive the Firestarter will be using a lot of fire-based attacks your way so make sure to be well-prepared. It helps to have the Merciless Nightstalker equipment as well as copper weapons. As this is a Level 30 boss, you should have gear that is at least this level.

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To make the battle easier for yourself, you should find a clan and fight battles with your clanmates. Solo play is also possible, but taking down bosses can get quite frustrating at times. Make sure to have a lot of Vermin Salve around to replenish your health whenever it is too low.

Most of the bosses in V Rising need to be tracked down, so you will need to locate Clive the Firestarter, who resides somewhere around the Bandit Sulphur Quarry in western Farbane Woods. Once you find them, you need to be on your guard for his attacks, which are quick and plentiful.

There are crates of explosives all around the battle arena, so the top tip for this fight is to blow them up from a distance so that they don’t hinder you while fighting the boss. This will make the battle with Clive more manageable, and you can take them down easily.

Once Clive is at low health they will begin throwing much larger bombs that you need to avoid. When you have defeated the boss, you will receive the power of Veil of Chaos as well as the Alchemy Table which is essential for more advanced fights.

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