V Rising Offline Mode Added – How to Play Offline

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V Rising, one of the most popular vampire survival games by Stunlock Studios, was released only a week back and has already made its place among the top 10 games on Steam. Since its release, players have constantly been asking for the offline mode, and finally, the developers have added the offline mode as a new update.

This guide will help you know about the game’s offline mode and how you can play V Rising offline.

V Rising Offline Mode Explained

Before V Rising was released, the official post said that the game’s solo mode would be an offline mode that players could enjoy without an internet connection. But after the game was released, players found out that the V Rising solo mode also requires an active internet connection. So, there was no offline mode until the latest update came. A few days back, the developers promised the players to bring the offline mode as soon as possible as they finally added it.

The latest patch has brought a special LAN mode that will be activated when players try to make their solo mode servers. It doesn’t need any internet connection. Below we are giving the steps to create your own server-

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Click on Play
  3. Next, select Private Game
  4. You’ll see the “LAN Server” option with a box beside it.
  5. Click on the box to activate the feature

This is how you can activate the special LAN mode and create and host your own server on a PC. Additionally, your server is hosted on a private network, and people having the same network can join your server by going to the “Direct Connect to Server Window” and clicking on the LAN box.

That’s all you need to know about the new offline mode of V Rising. Because V Rising is still under development, maybe there will be some changes to this feature in the future. The developers also said that they are trying to improve the LAN Mode.

However, if you have been eagerly waiting for the offline mode of V Rising, check out our guide to know how you can host a private server on a private network using LAN Mode.

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