Is It Possible to Play V Rising Offline

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V Rising was released just a few days back, and this unique vampire-themed survival game has made its place among gamers worldwide. Players are excited and satisfied with its unique gameplay and other features. Within this short period, it comes to the top 10 games on Steam. With this growing popularity, players frequently ask whether they can play V Rising Offline.

This guide will help you answer this question regarding V Rising.

Will V Rising Come Offline?

In V Rising, players play as Vampires, and their main objective is to enslave humans, hunt for blood, and conquer the gloomy in-game world. The game is different from other survival games because the nighttime is the safest time to roam around in V Rising. The sunlight can burn the vampires during the daytime and turn them into ashes.

Since the game was released, fans have been asking for the Offline mode, but unfortunately, there is no Offline mode available currently. According to the official page of V Rising, players can “make allies or enemies online or play solo offline, fend off holy soldiers, and wage war in a world of conflict.” But when players start playing solo mode, they notice that this mode also needs an active internet connection to join the server. The relaxing thing is that the developers have acknowledged the problem, and in the Discord, they have apologized to the players for this inconvenience. Also, they have added that players can expect the Offline mode to come within a couple of days or earlier.

Players are now happy that the developers have acknowledged the issue and promised to bring the Offline mode within a couple of days. The gothic world of V Rising is thrilling and full of mysteries. This vampire world is pretty different from the other survival worlds we have seen in other games. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that players want to try the offline solo mode to experience the gameplay. If you are a fan of survival horror games, you must try V Rising once.

That’s all you need to know about the offline mode of V Rising. Though it was not available at the launch, it’ll definitely come soon as the developers have promised the players to bring it within a few days. Until it comes, there is nothing that we can do except for waiting.

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