How To Apply Founder’s Pack Skins On Your Character – V Rising

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If you are looking for special skins and cosmetics that will set your Vampire apart, then you can purchase the Founder’s Pack. In this guide, we will see what these skins do in V Rising.

How To Apply Founder’s Pack Skins On Your Character – V Rising

The Founder’s Pack contains Shapeshifting forms and aesthetic structures, purely for cosmetic reasons. If you wish to decorate your Castle and yourself, then you can purchase the Founder’s Pack and unlock all the special items it has.

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There is some confusion on how to apply the Shapeshifting skins on your character, as there isn’t much detail about it. To use the new skins from the Founder’s Pack for V Rising, you will first need to unlock your Shapeshifting powers. You can get these powers from defeating boss enemies using the Blood Altar, as one of these bosses can shapeshift.

After getting the ability to shapeshift, go to the Ability Selection screen by pressing the J key, then go to the Vampire Powers tab. If your Founder’s Pack is active, you will be able to see three icons. These are the icons for the new Shapeshifting skins, which includes the Stygian Bear, Stygian Wolf, and Grandma. Drag and drop the skin on the power wheel at the bottom left of the screen, and you can open this wheel anytime in-game to equip your new Shapeshifting skin.

As for the character creation cosmetics available in the pack, you will need to create a new save or new server to create a new character to use the cosmetics on, since you cannot change an existing character. The structures and other Castle cosmetics can be unlocked once you complete the tutorial and have your Castle ready.

That’s all there is to know about the Founder’s Pack cosmetics and how to apply them in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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