Servant Guide for V Rising – How to Get and Best Servant Type

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Later on in the game, you will be able to get Servants to do your bidding in and around the castle. In this guide, we will see how to get them and what types of Servants you can encounter in V Rising.

Servant Guide for V Rising – How to Get and Best Servant Type

Once you start gaining power, you will require servants to do the petty works of collecting resources, guarding your Castle, and powering up your Castle Heart. Here we will see how to get a servant and what types are there in V Rising.

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How to Get a Servant

Getting a servant will make your life easier, as you can now focus on the things that matter like boss hunting and scavenging for gear. Servants can help you get over mundane tasks like gathering resources, protecting the Castle from other players, and making sure your machinery and Castle Heart are working optimally. To get yourself a servant, you will have to keep going through the story missions till you get a mission called Army of Darkness. You will be tasked with using your Dominating Presence on a human and converting them so that they can serve you. Once you have a servant, you can unlock the Castle Throne blueprint. After building your Castle Throne, you can manage all the servants available and assign tasks. To send them out for the gathering, select your Throne and then a location on the map. This will send your servant to gather resources.

Servant Coffin

Along with the Castle Throne, you will also need to build the Servant Coffin for their sleeping quarters. Each Castle can only hold up to 9 Coffins. Once your servants come back from their task, you can collect the rewards by visiting them in their coffins. You can also place Servant Locks to prevent them from entering certain areas of the castle.

Best Servant Type

As for the best servant types, there are a few factors to keep in mind when trying to select a human to work under you. The first factor is their Class, as a stronger class will be more durable for high danger missions. Each human class also has its own set of perks, which can be used while exploration, battles, and gathering. Also, which Faction they come from will give them some added perks, as well as their Blood Type and Blood Quality. Last, the kind of gear they equip will enable you to understand if they mean business. If you find them tattered, you can gift them your old gear to use.

Servant Perk and Imprisonment

You can combine more than one factor to determine the best servant. For example, a Hunter that has a 20% perk while hunting for loot from its region of choice will be able to get more loot for lesser risk. But if you wish to earn these perks yourself, you can imprison your servants and drain a bit of their blood for consumption. Using the glass vial to store and use the blood will give you some of their special perks, and you can keep doing this forever as long as you remember to feed them.

That’s all there is to know about servants in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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