How to Build a Workbench in V Rising

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In survival games, a crafting system is a must. You won’t find a survival game without a crafting system. Though V Rising is a unique vampire-themed survival game, it also has some features common with other survival games, and the crafting system is one of the major.

In V Rising, the crafting system needs workbenches. Players can craft things using these workbenches. This guide will help you know how to build Workbench in V Rising.

Workbench in V Rising – How to Make?

Workbenches are the fundamentals to craft things in V Rising. But they are not unlocked from the beginning, and in V Rising, you can’t craft anything until you unlock the Workbenches. Like every other thing in V Rising, players need to unlock Workbenches by defeating bosses. Sometimes Workbenches also unlock during the tutorial.

If you want to unlock a Simple Workbench in V Rising, it’ll be easy, and it doesn’t need any effort. Simple Workbenches will be unlocked during the tutorial part of the game. Once it is unlocked, players can now craft it using 8 Planks, 80 Stones, and 120 Animal Hides. The Simple Workbench can be used to craft Weapons, Armor, and some other items.

There is another type of Workbench available in the game: the Woodworking Bench. This Workbench will be unlocked after you beat Rufus the Foreman and needs 12 Planks and 60 Animal Hide to be built. Once you have made this Woodworking Bench, you can craft Fishing Rod, Crossbows, Painting Frames, Sculpture Wood, etc., with the help of it.

These are the two types of Workbenches you can unlock and use in V Rising. If you are newly playing a game, and don’t yet know how to craft Workbench or what’s its use, check out our guide for the required information.

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