V Rising Game Modes Explained

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If you are new to the game V Rising, then you must be thinking what are the different game modes and which ones should you play first. There are essentially four modes in V Rising and we are going to explain all the modes and what you can do in them throughout this particular article so keep reading till the end. You can either play in the single-player modes or you can co-op with other players in order to defeat your enemies. By the end of this article, you will know everything about the game modes in V Rising.

All the V Rising Game Modes Explained

When the game was launched we Rising featured 4 official game modes that you can choose from so whether you are looking to compete or co-operate with your friends the choice will be yours as you can explore the entire world of V rising it is an open-world game after all and you can team up with your friends or we can just go alone like a lone Wolf and fight with the mythical creatures and fend off all your enemies around every corner of the map. Below you will find all the game modes that you can play on V Rising. 

  1. PvE(Player Versus Environment):

In the Player versus Environment mode, you have to fight alongside other vampires or you can go alone in order to claim the throne of Vardoran, which is the world of V Rising. You can do it by either going into a clan with up to four other players or you can just go alone and fight enemies to conquer it.

  1. PvP(Player Versus Player):

In the Player VS Player mode you will fight against other players in order to claim the throne of Vardoran. But this time you won’t be able to team up with anyone you will be just fighting with other players and you will be all alone. You can still form a clan and loot other players’ castles in order to gain more resources but you are mostly alone in this mode and you will be fighting a lot with other players in this particular mode.

  1. Full Loot PvP:

In this full loot PvP mode, players will have to loot other players’ castles in order to gain as much loot as possible because other players will be doing the same thing and if one should die all your loot will be dropped so make sure to not die and quickly and smartly just attack other castles and gain as many goods as possible and then craft new weapons and craft new abilities. Upgrade yourself in order to conquer or destroy your opponents. You can also join a clan and do a group loot but there you will be fighting other players in order to gain their loot in this world.

  1. Duo PvP:

In the duo PvP mode you can team up with another player, raiding other people’s castles to gain loot and you have to fight other duos in order to get the loot and get their resources. This way you can progress in the game. That’s why in duo PvP you can join as two players together and fight as 2 players together wth oter players.

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