How to Use Controller in V Rising

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V Rising has climbed to the top of the Steam rankings. Only a week after its initial early access release for PC players, it is already among the best-selling games on the market. Because the game is currently only available on PC, many keyboard and mouse aficionados are completely pleased with the game’s controls. 

However, some controller enthusiasts are asking if V Rising has any form of controller support. When you access the game’s settings, it appears that you can only use the keyboard and mouse. Although there are several workarounds, the creators have warned against it, and controller gamers should not expect further support.

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V Rising: Using Controller Support

V Rising does not support controllers at the time of publishing. Even if players connect their controller to their PC through a USB cable, the game will not recognise it as a legitimate input option. While players may theoretically control their character in-game using the controller, the controls are not at all user-friendly. Because there are so many distinct controls in V Rising, some of which use the same inputs, controllers are just not recommended.

Despite the fact that many gamers have requested that Stunlock Studios include support for a gamepad, it does not appear that support will be added anytime soon. The official V Rising Twitter account has responded to a fan request, stating that controller compatibility will not be available anytime soon.

Though the creators stated that controller compatibility is “not impossible,” fans should not anticipate to utilise their controller in V Rising in the near future. Instead, gamers will just need to get used to using the keyboard and mouse. The majority of the default parameters are quite user-friendly and expected in a game like V Rising. 

We recommend not modifying many of the keybinds if you’re new to these sorts of games. Of course, if you’ve played MMORPGs before, feel free to stick with what you’ve become accustomed to. Whether you’re a beginner or skilled player, you might need some assistance with V Rising in the early game.

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