How to Get Coarse Thread in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ new vampire survival action game V Rising has sold over 500K units in just three days, in spite of being only an Early Access debut on Steam. The game has proven itself, with a horde of content in its initial form: plenty of bosses for players to seek out and defeat and items to win. This guide will take you through the process of how to find Coarse Thread in V Rising.

Where to Find Coarse Thread in V Rising

Coarse thread is an essential item in V Rising if you’re looking to improve your gear, as it is a tailoring component. You can use it to make a variety of armor and clothes such as the Nightstalker equipment which is much needed in boss fights.

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If you’re looking to craft Coarse Thread in your castle, that won’t be an option as you will need to look for this item in the wild. The best places to farm Coarse Threads are Bandit Camps, Bandit Logging Camps, and Bandit Trapper Camps. You can fight enemies for Coarse Thread to drop from them, or you can look for them inside barrels and crates by destroying them. 

The ideal location to look for Coarse Thread is undeniably the Bandit Logging Camp and Bandit Trapper Camp that lies in the central region of the Farbane Woods. You will need to equip yourself with at least level 6 gear, consisting of Reinforced Bone weapons if you wish to raid these camps. Some of the enemies are a little more powerful and you might need level 9 gear which are Copper weapons.

Once you have Coarse Thread, you will be able to use them on a Simple Workbench, which is a workshop that is used to improve your weapons and armor.

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