How to Get the Bear Form in V Rising

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As you progress through V Rising, you will discover that there are more Vampire powers that you can unlock, six of which are transformational. This guide will take you through the process of how to unlock the bear form in V Rising.

How to Unlock Bear Form in V Rising

There is a mechanism in V Rising that lets you shapeshift into certain animal forms which can be obtained as you play the game. The reason for getting these shapeshifting powers can be varied, as some forms help you hide better in your surroundings, help you to run away faster, or simply give you the opportunity to fly.

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These transformational powers can help you greatly once you have them in your skill set. However in order to get them, you will need to complete some tasks. As for the Bear Form, it is one such transformation that will raise your vitality and help you to survive battles for a longer period of time. Your rate of regeneration will be increased, as well as your maximum speed, and resistance. In the meantime, it will reduce the amount of damage you receive. Additionally, you will be able to destroy obstacles that require the use of explosives under normal circumstances.

If you wish to get the bear form, you will need to defeat one of the bosses in the game, which is the Ferocious Bear. They can be found in the Bear Cave in Farbane Woods. It is a level 36 enemy, so make sure to be of at least the same level if you wish to obtain the bear form. Check out our guide on How to Defeat the Ferocious Bear Boss in V Rising.

Once you have defeated the enemy, you will be able to avail yourself the perks such as an increase in movement speed by 15% and a reduction of the damage dealt by 25%.

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