How to Defeat the Ferocious Bear Boss in V Rising

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Defeating bosses in the open-world vampire survival game V Rising will grant you more items and powers that will help you in the game, so you should try to track them down whenever you are ready. As you explore more of the game and defeat more of these bosses, the level of difficulty will only climb higher. This guide will take you through the process of how to beat the boss Ferocious Bear in V Rising.

How to Beat the Ferocious Bear Boss in V Rising

The Ferocious Bear is a level 36 boss that you can tackle mid-game as long as you have over level 36 gear. You should be fighting it with a clan, but you can do it solo if you wish to. It is a much easier battle with clanmates, so it is recommended to join a clan if you haven’t already.

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You will find the Ferocious Bear in Bear Cave which is on the east side of Farbane Woods. Before you begin the fight, it is recommended that you equip yourself with the Merciless Nightstalker armor and copper weapons. As for healing, use alchemy to make the Blood Rose Brew.

The Ferocious Bear will attack you at close range, so you should use ranged attacks for this fight and try to stay away from the monster as much as possible. Crossbows and ranged powers are a good idea, and the safest. This boss also utilizes dash attacks with frightening speed, especially when it is low on health.

What you should watch out for is when it stands up, because this will trigger a ground slam which produces smaller AoE attacks in the aftershocks.

Once you have beaten the Ferocious Bear, you will obtain the power of Bear Form which will allow you to turn into a bear. You will also unlock Bear Rugs.

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