V Rising – How to Get Skill Jewels

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V Rising’s new update brings a bunch of new features to the region of Gloomrot. You can now tackle new bosses, find new items, and craft various new gadgets for your travels. Unlocking jewels is now available in the new update, and you can use them to get added buffs to your spells and attacks. Equipping jewels will make you even stronger than before, but if you have no idea how to get them, you can keep reading. In this guide, we will see how to get skill jewels in V Rising.

V Rising – How to Get Skill Jewels

Skill Jewels can help you get more powerful and add boosts to your attacks. Here we will see how to get skill jewels in V Rising.

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To get Jewels, you can go around and defeat all the enemies around Vardoran to get them as random drops. Bosses and common enemies can give you jewels after you defeat them, so try to tackle as many of them as possible to get them. The tougher the enemy is, the better the jewel tier will be that drops from them. Of course, this method is viable up to a certain point, after which you can craft jewels in the comfort of your castle.

To craft jewels, you need to unlock the Jewelcrafting Station. You will receive the recipe for the station after defeating Raziel the Shepherd. After that, craft the station and interact with it to start crafting jewels. So far with the Jewelcrafting Station, you can make Tier 2 Jewels. To get more Jewel Tier levels, you need to find and defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist. This will help you unlock the recipe to craft higher-tier jewels.

Once you get the skill jewel you want, you can equip them on your character to get the added boosts and attributes from the jewel

That’s all there is to know about getting skill jewels in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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