How to Unlock and Craft Jewel Crafting Table in V Rising

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The Jewel Crafting table is tied to the new jewel mechanics in the V Rising Bloomrot update. In a nutshell, the Jewel Crafting table allows you to craft Jewels. Each of the jewels in the game is named after one of the spells, and each has a jewel that enhances the spell’s effectiveness. For example, The Baneful Skull jewel enhances the powers of Ward of the Damned spell. Similarly, each of the spells in the game has a jewel that can be crafted or found as a drop from high-level enemies and bosses. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock and craft the Jewel Crafting table so you can make jewels without relying on drops.

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How to Unlock Jewel Crafting Table in V Rising Gloomrot

To unlock the Jewelcrafting Table, you need to beat Raziel the Shephard. The great thing about beating this boss is that you also unlock the Ancestral Forge, another new crafting unit, in this update. Beating Raziel the Shephard is quite easy, easier than most of the bosses at his level. The fight will be in a church, so you have plenty of room to kite if you like to fight from afar.

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How to Craft the Jewel Crafting Table in V Rising

Once you have the item unlocked, the crafting process is quite simple. Press ‘B’ on your keyboard to bring up the menu, and then go to Crafting from Production. Choose to lay down the table anywhere in your castle. The resources you require to craft the Jewelcrafting Table are 4 x Greater Blood Essence, 8 x Scourgestone, and 64 x Gen Dust.

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Gem Dust is an easy resource to farm. You can get it from breaking stones that have gems coming out of them. To make the Greater Blood Essence in the Blood Press, you need to beat Tristan, the Vampire Hunter. Scourgestone recipe can be unlocked by beating Leandra, the Shadow priestess.

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