Important Resources List in V Rising

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V Rising is not your average MMORPG. This game demands you to construct your own castle in order to increase your influence as a Vampire. Aside from that, in order to become more strong and defeat any dangerous opponent, you will need to build tools, goods, and equipment.

It is a game in which you may construct a castle full of amazing and unusual structures. Make equipment to defend you and eliminate everyone who gets in your path. All of these items will need resources that are difficult to obtain and will take some time to gather. Check out this guide to see all of V Rising’s essential resources.

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Resources List in V Rising

Except for a few exceptions that are concentrated in certain places, resources may be found practically anywhere on the map. You will need the necessary instrument to acquire certain materials. For example, an axe is ideal for gathering wood, but a mace is best for gathering minerals and rocks.

The following is a list of all the Resources available in the game:

Copper is one of the most important materials to gain in the early game. Copper harvesting needs a Reinforced Bone Item, which may be crafted on the workbench. Collect Copper Ore and smelt it all to produce Copper Ingots, which may be used to make Copper tools or to construct with.

You can farm Sulphur when you’ve gathered enough Copper and made Copper equipment. You must have Sulphur in order to cultivate Iron.

Once you have enough Copper and Sulphur, you should concentrate on Iron. Iron Tools may greatly simplify farming and monster slaying. Iron Ores exist in the Dunley Farmlands.

Quartz is another necessary component in this game. It’s critical to collect it as quickly as possible since Quartz can be transformed into Glass, which is needed to make windows.

Silver is a scarce resource that can be found only in one location on the map: the Silverlight Hills. To begin gathering silver, you must first improve Iron. Check your inventory to make sure you don’t have too much silver. Silver is detrimental to Vampires, and the more you have, the more you will suffer.

Gemstones are necessary elements for jewellery manufacturing. There are several types of Gem Rocks accessible, depending on your area. Farming Gem Rocks in the Farbane Woods, for example, will reward you with Crew Gems. It’s best to collect a large number of them, leaving nothing behind because they can be upgraded into higher-tier gems later on.

  • Fish Oil

When you reach Dunley Farmlands, you may get Fish Oil from crates or by fishing. This resource upgrades leather to the highest quality, which is useful in the late game.

Cotton farms may provide cotton. Cotton can be grown by slicing the cotton fields, and the cotton will fall.

  • All Varieties of Threads

Threads will surface often throughout the game. These threads will aid in the conversion of lower-quality threads into higher-quality threads that may be combined to provide uncommon boosts. In the Cursed Forest, these strands are regularly discovered. They are discovered by invading chests, fighting monsters, and collecting and spinning cotton into threads.

Grave Dust is another important resource for virtually everything; this item will assist you in obtaining the Scourge Stone and the Dark Silver Item. Grave Dust may be obtained by converting bones often found in cemeteries.

Dropping any type of gem into the Devourer that will be built in your castle will yield Gem Dust. This item is essential for late-game supplies.

These are the resources you should be aware of before you begin playing. So, while you’re playing, get them.

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