How to Get Gem Stones in V Rising

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Resources are the most common things in survival games, and V Rising is not an exception. In V Rising, several resources are available to upgrade gear, craft new items, etc. Gem Stone is one of those items that players can use to upgrade gear in V Rising. This guide will help you find Gem Stones in V Rising.

GemStone Locations in V Rising- Where to Get?

Gem Stones are essential resources in the early game as they are used to upgrade your gear. Gem Stones are neither a rare resource nor a very common one. The guaranteed way to get Gem Stones is to fight and defeat Stone Golems. These Golems roam all over the Farbane Woods. Though they are tough enemies, they are not impossible to beat.

Alternatively, you can find GEm Stones in some specific Stone Deposits with gems sticking out. These are not something that you can find scattered everywhere. Therefore, players need to look for mines or quarries with enough Stone Deposits to get Gem Stones.

As I have already mentioned, these are not the rare things you can’t get even once throughout your journey. Instead, you’ll definitely get them at some places, and whenever you encounter one, don’t waste your time and collect them with your Mace. But the tricky part is that the Stone Deposits give random gems, and probably, you need to try several times before you finally get Gem Stones. Therefore, we recommend you not to miss a single Stone Deposit during your journey.

That’s all you need to know about getting Gem Stones in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to get some help, check out our guide for necessary information.

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