How to Get Copper Ingot in V Rising

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As you start V Rising, you are a very weak vampire with not much power and weapons. You need to find and unlock weapons and after you get the copper weapons, the game really takes off. Initially, you may be puzzled as you cannot get copper ore and there is none in the loot. Most metals cannot be found in the loot pile. You need to break rocks to get the copper. The rocks that give copper are different from the usual rock. In this guide, we will show you how to get Copper Ingot in V Rising.  

How to Craft Copper Ingot in V Rising

Copper Ingot is very important in V Rising. It’s used primarily in weapons and to get your Castle Heart to level 2. To get copper ingot in V Rising, you need to first find the copper ore. Here is the entire process of crafting copper ingot in V Rising.

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The first thing you need to do is to upgrade all or one of your weapons to Reinforced Bone. To make this weapon, you need to set up the Simple Workbench, which is one of the objectives at the beginning stages of the game. Once you have the weapon, look for Orange stones that you can break to get Copper Ore.

copper ore

The game does not teach you to set up a Furnace. Press the ‘B’ button and go to Production. Next, click on the Refinement tab and locate Furnace. Build the Furnace

Furnace Menu

Go to the Furnace and interact with it by pressing ‘F’. Before you that, ensure that there is blood in the Castle Heart. No production in the castle can happen without blood in the heart. Your inventory will auto open, take the Copper Ore from the Inventory and drop it into the Furnace menu where it says Input. It takes 20 Copper Ore to make Copper Ingot. Fortunately, there is plenty of Copper Ore you can mine throughout the starting area of the game.   

That’s it, you can now make as much copper as you want and upgrade the weapons and the Castle Heart. For more tips and tricks to play V Rising, visit our game category.

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