How to Get Leather in V Rising

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V Rising is great at guiding players in setting up basic machinery and production units going, but you will soon want to upgrade gear and outfit. You will require leather for the task as it’s one of the main ingredients. At the initial stage, it’s all but a puzzle as there is no sign of how to get leather in V Rising. If you want the answer to this question, we have you covered. Keep reading and we will show you how to set up an infinite leather farm in the game.

V Rising – How to Get Leather

There are two ways to get leather in V Rising – by looting Bandit Camp and by setting up a production unit. Both of these are not easy as the beginning stage of the game. Leather is absent from most loot and there are only a few Bandit camp that list the resource in the loot. But, I have seen that once you have set up unlocked the recipe for leather, the item is available widely in Bandit camps. So, here is how to get leather in the game.

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Looting Bandit Camps

As said before, there only few bandit camps that list the resource in the list of loot. Open the map and point the cursor on different areas of the map. If you move over an area that has a bandit camp, it will be highlighted and the resources will be listed. Look at the example in the below image. But, the camp in the below image is too hard to take down as a solo player and with too many players it’s not a guarantee that you will come upon the loot.

Bandit Trapper Camp

Even if a bandit camp does not list the item in the loot, you can get it as a random drop. So, it’s wise to raid bandit camps as frequently as possible. Build your castle near a bandit camp and raid it regularly for loot. You will get some valuable resources. Check out the image below, the camp does not list leather in the loot but I got it when I raided.

bandit camp leather

While looting is one way to get leather. It’s very tiring and not worth the effort at the beginning stages of the game.

How to Unlock Leather Recipe in V Rising

If you want an infinite supply of leather, you should aim to unlock the recipe which will allow you to build the Tannery. Using the Tannery, you can make as much leather as you want from Animal Hide. The first thing you need to do in the process to unlock leather recipe is to set up a Blood Alter. It’s one of the objectives of the game, so it’s likely you have already set it up. Next, track Keely the Frost Archer. She possesses V Blood. Track and defeat her. When you drink her V Blood, you will unlock the recipe to make leather among a bunch of other things.

Keely the Frost Archer

Now, press ‘B’ when you are in your castle > Production > Refinement > Tannery. Build the Tannery and you will be able to make as much leather as you want.

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