V Rising Sir Magnus the Overseer Location and How to Beat

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Survival games are full of powerful enemies. Without them, these games won’t be exciting. Players must face them at every step and defeat them to progress. V Rising is no exception. The more you progress through the game, the more you will face powerful enemies, and the new Gloomrot expansion has brought new bosses to the game, including Sir Magnus the Overseer, Cyril the Cursed Smith, etc. If you are curious about Sir Magnus the Overseer and looking for its location, go through our guide for help.

Sir Magnus the Overseer Location in V Rising- How to Defeat?

If you have been playing V Rising since the game was released, you are aware that the game has several bosses to fight with, and the new expansion has included a few more bosses to the game that players need to defeat. These enemies are located not only in the newly added areas, but you can find them scattered in different areas on the map. For example, if you have been looking for Sir Magnus the Overseer, you must visit Silverlight Hills. This is a huge area, and you can’t roam randomly to find an enemy. So, go to the Sacred Silver Mine and face the newly added boss.

You can check the location of the boss on the map below-

Sir Magnus the Overseer Location in V Rising- How to Defeat?

After you find a boss, the next step is to defeat him. So, if you want to beat Sir Magnus the Overseer but get stuck in the fight, you must first know that Sir Magnus the Overseer is a level 66 boss, so you must be at level 66 or above to face him. Another thing is that this boss is pretty challenging than its level, so you need some teammates to fight with you. Otherwise, you can’t complete with his speed.

Once the fight begins, you will notice the enemy has a huge scythe in his hand, and he is aggressive. From the beginning, he starts attacking players with his scythe and can cover distances within a blink of an eye. He frequently uses his ice block attacks where he will create a wall of ice block between him and the players, but this is a great opportunity to deal damage to him as he gets frozen for a few seconds as he launches the ice attack. So, break the ice chunks and go close to him to deal damage.

Sir Magnus the Overseer Location in V Rising- How to Defeat?

The boss is tough to handle as his attacks are rapid, and he moves at a great speed. However, the arena has wooden shelters and other hiding locations that players can use to protect themselves from the boss’s attacks. The boss has his associates to deal with, so make sure to bring teammates to win this fight. This fight will consume time.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Sir Magnus, the Overseer boss location in V Rising. Players will unlock new Blood, Ice Block Ability, and Phantom Veil Cloak after beating this boss.

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