How to Make Gold Ingots from Gold Jwellery in V Rising

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V Rising, the next survival game from Stunlock Studios, is a favourite with players, combining vampire-themed gameplay with conventional survival principles. Gold or Gold Jewelry, as in the real world, is an essential commodity in V Rising, utilised in creating and upgrading gear.

Finding Gold Jewelry and refining it into Gold Ingots is, of course, an important ability to have in V Rising, especially in the endgame when opponent hordes are vicious and bosses are much deadlier. This article will show you how to produce Gold Ingots in V Rising, providing you an advantage in your quest to become a strong vampire.

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Getting Gold Ingots from Gold Jwellery in V Rising

Gold Ingots can only be created by smelting Gold Jewelry, which is dropped by select opponents in the game. Make your way to the Brighthaven Cathedral to cultivate Gold Jewelry in V Rising. Once there, you will encounter elite foes known as Paladins and Wizards.

Although these opponents have a high possibility of dropping Gold Jewelry when slain, they are difficult to combat and must be approached with caution. Furthermore, the Holy Aura surrounding the Cathedral can be dangerous and highly damaging, so carry some Holy Resistance Flasks with you if you have them.

Gold Jewelry may also be obtained by fighting higher V Blood opponents in the game, since they frequently drop it when destroyed. There’s also the option of going to Silverlight Hills and farming Gold Jewelry from the elite armoured Knights and Clerics, who are hard foes yet frequently drop Gold Jewelry upon death.

Getting Gold Ingots Recipie in V Rising

However, before you can start making those Gold Ingots, you must first smelt the Gold Jewelry. This recipe is earned after fighting Azariel the Sunbringer, the Brighthaven Cathedral’s V Blood monster. He’s a level 68 boss, so arm yourself with Holy Resistance flasks, at least Tier III Armor, and the will to face him.

Once he’s defeated, you’ll be given the formula for Gold Ingots and will be able to start smelting Gold Jewelry into Ingots in your base’s Furnace. 8 Sulphur and 8 Golden Jewelry are required to smelt one Gold Ingot. 

Once you have obtained the Gold Ingot, you can embed it into your armour to enhance damage resistance and your weapons to increase attack damage.

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