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How to Get Grave Dust in V Rising

How to Get Grave Dust in V Rising

V Rising has just launched on Early Access and while the game may appear mundane as you start, it gets truly interesting as you progress a bit and start to build your castle, get better equipment and new powers. Grave Dust is something you will require early in the game and there is plenty of this resource in the game if you know where to look. Like all items, there are two ways to farm Grave Dust in V Rising. You can loot it from enemies or make it on your own by setting up a production unit. Here is how to get Grave Dust is V Rising.

V Rising – How to Get Grave Dust

Leveling up weapons in V Rising is essential, but you should also aim to level up the magic sources and one of the main ingredients to do that is the Grave Dust.

Grave Dust is required to craft Gravedigger Ring, Duskwatcher’s Ring, and magic sources. To get Grave Dust in V Rising, you need to kill the skeletons and raid the below areas on the map. Grave Dust is a rare resource, but we found a lot of it once we cleared the Infested Graveyard.   

VRising Grave Dust Map

Two of the best places to get Grave Dust is the Infested Graveyard and Forgotten Cemetery. You can raid the above places or make the resource in your castle.  

How to Craft Grave Dust in V Rising

To craft the grave dust in V Rising, you need to set up the Grinder. It’s a production unit that you can set up quite early in the game. To set up the Grinder, you need the resources such as 8 Plank, 4 Copper Ingot, and 4 Whetstone.

Once you have the resources, click ‘B’ on your keyboard when you are in your castle, then go to Production. Click on the Refinement tab and build the Grinder. After setting up the Grinder, it takes 100 bones to make 1 Grave Dust. Fortunately, the game does not require a lot of it so you don’t have to farm too many bones.

If you are at the end game, you will require a lot of Grave Dust to make Scourgestone. Both the Ancient Village in Cursed Forest is by far the best place to get grave dust and bones. You can easily get up to 12 grave dust and 500 bones in one area. So, one run to the area will guarantee almost 17 grave dust as well as a chance to get Scourgestone. You will also acquire Ghost Yarn and Sectral Dust among other things.

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