How to get Iron in V Rising?

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You started playing V Rising and you went through the initial level pretty easily but after playing for quite some time you get stuck and wonder where will I get Iron in this game? Yes, it is possible to get Iron in V Rising but it is a little difficult so we are going to guide you through that with our guide on how to find iron in V Rising. Many players have had difficulties in this particular situation where they are unable to find iron and unable to upgrade their gear because of that. But the answer is pretty simple and you’ll also get to know where and how we can find iron in V Rising.

Where can you get Iron in V Rising?

Iron is a very useful and important resource in V Rising. Without it, you will never be able to progress be on beyond simple copper tools and weapons. It is used to craft the deadliest weapons in V Rising and you will need a lot of it to craft the deadliest weapons. It is very important to keep upgrading your gear throughout the levels that you play which will help you in order to easily cross those levels and defeat stronger enemies. So Sooner Or Later you will lead a lot of iron in order to survive in the game for a long time.

Copper can be found everywhere throughout to be rising but in order to get Iron, you need to go to one specific location Which is the gigantic Haunted Iron Mine in the center of the map.

The Haunted iron mine is located on the southern coast of the Dunley farmlands which is the second region on the map. The Deadly farmlands are filled with much more powerful and than you will find in the forbidden woods and The Haunted iron mine is one of the most dangerous areas on this particular map. It is filled with a variety of dangerous Enemies. I would recommend you to only attend gathering iron from the mine once you hit level 35 or higher. The good news is that iron is everywhere in the haunted iron mine area. You can find iron in the mines the wall of the mines the rocks and also the chest with a dotted All Around The mine. In order to mine The Iron, you need copper makes or better equipment. So before arriving in The Haunted iron mine area remember to upgrade your weapons.

You will also find iron in some of the Golden Chests which you occasionally find in the Forbidden Woods and other regions but they will only give you a tiny amount of iron. But for all your iron needs you can always come to the Haunted Iron Mine and face some deadly enemies while mining all the islands that you need. 

Once you’ve acquired iron you can take it all back to your castle in order to smelt it into iron bars using the Furnace and you should also build a smithy for yourself in order to start crafting valuable equipment out of your newfound iron.

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