How to Unlock Tailor Floor in V Rising

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If you have played survival games before, you are already aware that building and crafting new things is one of the common features of survival games. As a survival game, though V Rising differs from other games in some aspects, it has some common elements as well, and allowing players to craft several different items is one of them.

Tailor Floor is one of the varieties of floor designs available in the game that players can make and use in V Rising. This guide will help you know how to get Tailor Floor in V Rising.

Unlocking Tailor Floor in V Rising – The Process

Flooring plays an essential role in V Rising. An appropriate flooring can reduce your production time by 25%, which helps you save time. Tailor Floor is one of those floors, but the tricky part is players need to unlock the Tailor Floor in V Rising.

To unlock a Tailor Floor, players need to unlock Study first. You need to beat Nicholaus the Fallen, a Level 37 Blood Boss, to unlock the Study. Nicholaus the Fallen will be found at the top of the Forgotten Cemetery. If you find it difficult to locate him, you can go to the Blood Altar to track the boss. To fight with Nicholaus, make sure to surpass level 37. Nicholaus’ AOE attacks deal hefty damage; remember to avoid them and take at least one friend while fighting Nicholaus.

Once you defeat the Boss and consume his blood, the study will be unlocked. Make the study in your castle with 8 Grave Dust, 8 Copper Ingot, 40 Planks, and 40 Paper. After your study is ready, you’ll be able to unlock random technologies like Tailor Floor. Because the process is random, it’ll be based on your luck to get the Tailor Floor. You may get it early, or it may take longer. We can’t give you a specific time limit.

That’s all you need to know about Tailor Floor in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to know how to unlock Tailor Floor in V Rising, check out our guide for help. Also, if we get any further information about getting Tailor Floor, we’ll update this guide.

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