How to Beat Raziel The Shepherd in V Rising

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V Rising appears to be a hit with practically everyone who spends some time with Stunlock Studios’ new vampiric survival and crafting game. V Rising may not appear to be much at first glance, yet it fulfils the same function as Valheim did before it. And, like Valheim, there are many overlapping systems in V Rising, which means there is a lot to understand before you can call yourself a master vampire.

V Rising presently contains 37 bosses in early access, however they are scattered around Vardoran. Hunting down these bosses should be your primary aim in V Rising, as they grant you additional vampiric skills and abilities to use to wreak havoc and become stronger. 

While you may use your Blood Altar to monitor boss locations after you reach a certain level, V Rising bosses are constantly present in the environment, which means you can battle them at any moment.

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How to Defeat Raziel The Shepherd in V Rising

Raziel the Shepherd may be found in Dunley Monastery, which is located on the western edge of Dunley Farmlands. Before you even begin to combat Raziel the Shepherd, you need ensure that you have some Holy damage protection. The arena in where you face him is guarded by Holy wards that will continually injure you during the fight; if you can’t combat that, you have no chance.

When you approach the church, there are dozens of innocent spectators. They won’t injure you directly, but they may restrict your movement and make it tougher to evade an approaching attack.

That isn’t to suggest there aren’t other threats in the room; Raziel, like many other V Blood Carriers, has bodyguards whom you should destroy as quickly as possible. The key to defeating Raziel the Shepherd alone is to minimise danger. 

You should eliminate every hostile NPC you come across (including the passive ones) to guarantee that they don’t attack you or obstruct your progress. Aside from that, grab any cover you can and attempt to wear him down in whichever way works best for you.

Rewards for Beating Raziel The Shepherd

Following are the rewards that you get after beating Raziel The Shepherd in V Rising:

  • Vampire Power – Crimson Beam
  • Recipe – Silver Resistance Potion
  • Structure – Athenaeum
  • Recipe – Corrupted Artefact

The most critical item you can carry to this fight is a Holy resistance potion; else, you will be continually receiving damage. As for the rest of your gear, you should have the greatest Iron gear you can find.

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