How to Catch Fish in V Rising (Use Fishing Rod)

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All of the fish in the game can be salvaged for fish oil and a bunch of other things. Fish oil in particular is an important resource in the game. While you can get fish as loot from crates, they are far and scarce. Not the ideal way to farm fish. V Rising has a fishing mechanic that allows you to catch fish from lakes and streams. It’s not just fish that you can catch while fishing. We were lucky enough to pull a headgear on our first try of fishing. If you don’t know, here is how to catch fish in V Rising using the fishing rod.

How to Use Fishing Rod in V Rising to Catch Things from Water

The fishing hook like so many other gears in the game needs to be unlocked first. To unlock the fishing rod, you need to beat Rufus the Foreman, which is a fairly simple fight. Once you have defeated Rufus, you will also unlock the Woodworking Bench that can be used to craft the fishing rod. The fishing rod requires 8 X Plank, 4 X Coarse Thread, and 4 X Copper Ingot.

Once the fishing rod is crafted, equip it and look for lakes and streams with bubbling water. Get close to it and left-click on the mouse.

How to Use Fishing Rod in V Rising

After a few seconds, the bubbling area will suddenly glow and shoot light outside, at that moment left-click the mouse again.

That’s it, you have caught your first something in V Rising. That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more guides and tips on how to play V Rising.  

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