Where to Find the Blood Key in V Rising

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There are some enemies in V Rising called V Blood Carriers which are important if you wish to gain knowledge of new abilities so that you can become more powerful. Recipes for structures to build and gear to craft can also be obtained in this manner. The Blood Key is a Legendary Item that you can obtain in V Rising by defeating one of the most powerful bosses. This guide will take you through the process of how to get the Blood Key Legendary Item in V Rising.

How to Get the Blood Key Legendary Item in V Rising

V Rising has plenty of enemies for you to fight, but few come close to the might of the endgame boss called Solarus the Immaculate. He guards one of the most valuable items in the game which is the recipe to obtain the Legendary Blood Key.

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In order to acquire this Legendary key, you will need to complete the questline of the game, which is no small task. This involves the entire story of V Rising, all the way until you reach the final boss Solarus the Immaculate who is at level 80. This means that you will need to have level 80 gear and weapons as well.

You can find him by using the Blood Altar, which will lead to a temple in the east of Silverlight Hills where he is located. Once you have tracked down the Level 80 V Blood Carrier boss, you should defeat him. Make sure that you have full mastery of your abilities or the fight will not be an easy one. It is advised that you fight him with your clan mates as solo play will be difficult. Check out our guide on How to Beat Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising.

On defeat, Solarus will drop the Blood Key recipe, which you will need to craft on the Jewelcrafting Table. The ingredients are as follows:

  • 300 Gem Dust
  • 21 Dark Silver Ingot
  • 6 Gold Ingot
  • 3 Primal Blood Essence
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