How to Unlock the Fishing Rod and Crossbow in V Rising

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Fish is an important resource in V Rising that can be used to craft a number of other items and while there are other ways to get fish, none of them guarantee as much fish as using the fishing rod. While the fishing rod is useful, getting to this item can take some time and level up. If you want to know how to unlock the fishing rod and crossbow in V Rising, keep reading.

How to Unlock the Crossbow and Fishing Rod in V Rising

V Blood carriers are bosses in V Rising. Fighting and defeating them will not only unlock new powers but also associated technology. For example, to unlock the leather production unit, you need to beat Keely the Frost Archer.

Similarly, to unlock the fishing rod and crossbow in V Rising, you need to track a boss using Blood Altar to unlock the recipe and production unit that can make the fishing rod. Rufus the Foreman is a level 20 boss that can be found in the early stages of the game. Defeating Rufus the Foreman and drinking his blood will unlock the fishing rod for you.

V Rising Fishing Rod Crossbow

It will also unlock the woodwork bench (don’t remember the name exactly). You can make the fishing rod using the new production unit.

You can find the bone crossbow in the world by defeating human enemies, but the level 9 crossbow is unlocked by defeating Rufus.

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