Is V Rising Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack Worth it

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In online video games, DLC Packs are nothing new. If you have played games like COD, PUBG, Apex Legends, etc., you definitely have a clear idea of DLC Packs and what they generally contain. Similarly, V Rising also has DLC Packs. It has two DLC Packs available until now. The first one is Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack which contains items to decorate your castle and character, and the other is Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack. 

This guide will discuss about the Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack in V Rising.

Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack in V Rising- Shall I Purchase?

Every Online game contains DLC Packs that give players some extra items. Sometimes these packs contain new maps, weapons, and gear, but the maximum time they include cosmetic items, new characters, etc. Every time before buying a DLC Pack, players want to know what the pack contains to decide if they should buy it or not. Here, we’ll give you all the vital information about Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack in V Rising.

 The Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack in V Rising costs $ 19.99 and offers you a lot more cosmetics items than the Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack. This Pack includes:

  1. Dueling Gargoyles
  2. Pleading Gargoyle
  3. Challenging Gargoyle
  4. Lurking Gargoyle
  5. Pondering Gargoyle
  6. Agonized Gargoyle
  7. Victorious Gargoyle
  8. Crouching Gargoyle
  9. Roaring Gargoyle
  10. Gargoyle Sentinel
  11. Gargoyle Vigilant
  12. Gargoyle Supplicant
  13. Gargoyle Diplomat
  14. Gargoyle Protector
  15. Gargoyle Apologist
  16. Grandma Form
  17. Wolf Form Variant: Thet Stygian Wolf
  18. Bear Form Variant: The Stygian Bear
  19. Soundtrack Cover Artwork
  20. All Original tracks in WAV 24bit, 48khz, and Mp3 320kbps
  21. Vampires Rising Track
  22. Farbane Nights Track
  23. Song of Dunley Track
  24. Kiss of Frost Track
  25. Hallowed Mountains Track
  26. Dawn Comes Track
  27. Dungeon Born Track
  28. Clash of Faiths Track
  29. The Castle Track
  30. Moonlight in the Countryside Track
  31. We Hunt Track
  32. Darkness and Light Track
  33. Tales from the Cursed Forest Part I Track
  34. Tales from the Cursed Forest Part II Track
  35. Pure Golden Half-Mask
  36. Human Ivory Half-Mask
  37. Mask of Jewels
  38. Black Leather Eye Patch
  39. Horned Silver Half Mask
  40. Inventor’s Frames
  41. Emerald Lens Glasses
  42.  Wing-Tipped Glasses
  43. Scholar’s Monocle
  44. Elegant Bifocals
  45. Golden Beast Jaw Mask
  46. Half-Moon Spectacles
  47. Black Lace Veil
  48. Confessor’s Blindfold
  49. Mannequin Doll Jaw Mask
  50. Oni’s Jaw Mask

These are the items that the Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack contains. They are all cosmetic items that will give your vampire a unique look. So, if you want to decorate your character, this pack is an attractive option for you. It won’t cost you a lot of money and will provide you with many items. Therefore, this Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack is definitely worth it for players who want to give their vampire a different look.

That’s all you need to know about the Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack in V Rising. However, if you want to know what the DLC Pack contains before purchasing it, check out our guide for help.

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