V Rising Holy Radiation Explained – How to Gain Resistance

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V Rising is a thrilling and adventurous survival game where players need to play as Vampires in a mysterious survival world. In this world, there are dangers in every other step. Therefore, players need to be very careful while progressing through the game.

Holy Radiation is a debuff that players will get in some particular places. This guide will help you know about the Holy Radiation in V Rising and how to get resistance.

Holy Radiation in V Rising – How Can I Resist the Effect?

In V Rising, roaming around during the daytime is not safe for vampires, but even if you are roaming outside at night, then also, it is not at all safe for you. You don’t only have to be careful of the enemies and bosses, but also be cautious of some particular places that give you specific debuff if you stay there longer.

Holy Radiation is one of those debuffs that will drain your health faster than ever and may kill you if you fail to escape the place quickly. You get this effect in a few places locate between Dunley Farmlands and Farbane Woods.

Though it is best to avoid those areas that give Holy Radiation, it is not always possible to avoid them. Therefore, players need Holy Resistance Potions to prevent Holy Radiation. The more Holy Resistance potion you have, the more you can freely roam without fear of Holy Radiation.

To make the Holy Resistance potion, you need an Alchemy Table, 2 Scourgestone, 60 Mourning Lily, and 1 Water-filled Bottle. But before all these, you need to unlock the crafting recipe by defeating Christina the Sun Priestess. The Scourgestones are the most challenging to find among the required items, especially in the early game. Later, you can beat the Shadow Priestess to get the item.

Once you find all these items and make the Holy Resistance, it’ll give you a temporary resistance. For example, the Holy Resistance potion will provide you with 50 Holy Resistance for 30 minutes. Except for the consumables, you can also increase Holy Resistance with equipment that comes with Holy Resistance.

That’s all you need to know about Holy Radiation and how to make resistance in V Rising. If you have suffered from Holy Radiation before and don’t want it to happen again, you can follow our guide to know how to make the potion and prevent Holy Radiation.

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