How to Get Scourgestone in V Rising

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You will find a lot of crafting material while exploring Vardoran. In this guide, we will see the use of Scourgestones and how to get or craft them in V Rising.

Where to Find Scourgestone – V Rising

There are plenty of late-game items that you will need to find to craft better equipment and gear in the game. Here we will see where to find Scourgestone in V Rising.

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You will need Scourgestone in the latter part of the game, as it is a magic material mainly used in crafting Dark Silver ingots and other equipment. You can come across Scourgestone in a handful of places, mainly in Church of the Damned, Dunley Monastery, and the Cursed Forest’s Ancient Villages. While exploring these places, you can get them from defeating mobs, breaking open chests and boxes, or vandalizing coffins. You can also get one Scourgestone from fishing in the pond at Dunley Farmlands. Defeating Skeleton Bishops and Scarecrows will also give you the Scourgestone drop. You can also farm for Scourgestone by spawning Skeleton Bishops from your Tombs.

If you find scavenging for it a bit of a chore, you can craft one Scourgestone by using one whetstone, 4 grave dust, and 4 mirrors. The recipe is unlocked after you defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess. Once the recipe is unlocked, you can make it in the Furnace.

That’s all there is to know about Scourgestone and how to get it in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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