How to Make Holy Resistance Potion in V Rising

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With all the fighting involved in V Rising, having a handy potion to heal can never go to waste. The most reliable way to heal in V Rising is the Blood Mend, but it takes a lot of time and makes you vulnerable. It’s not the ideal way to heal in fights. But, the game does not have many options when it comes to quick potions. Later in the game, you can make the Blood Rose Potion and as you venture into the Silverlight Hills, you will require the Holy Resistance Potion for Holy Damage. You can unlock the Holy Resistance Potion early while you are still in Dunley Hills, but it can be used when you head to the Silverlight Hills. Keep reading and we will show you all about how to make Holy Resistance Potion in V Rising.

How to Craft Hold Resistance Potion in V Rising

The first step to unlocking the Holy Resistance Potion is to set up the Alchemy Table. Once the table has been set you need to beat Christina the Sun Priestess. She prowls the road near the Haunted Iron Mines. Beating her is quite simple. Once she is defeated, she will unlock the recipe for the Blood Rose Potion as well as the Holy Resistance Potion.

Holy Resistance Potion

Gathering the resources to make the potion is another thing entirely. The Holy Resistance Potion requires 60 x Mourning Lily, 2 x Scourgestone, and 1 x Water-filled Bottle. While the other resources are easy to get, Scourgestone is a bit tough. If you want to craft the item, you need to defeat a new boss for the recipe. We found 2 Scourgestone while fishing in Dunley Farmland. So, that’s something you can try.

You can also find the item in loot when you beat the Leandra the Shadow Priestess. Beating her will also allow you to craft the item.

So, this is how to make the Holy Resistance Potion. Check out the V Rising category for more guides and tips on how to play the game.   

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