How to Beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is a vampire survival game. You emerge as a feeble vampire after years of slumber. To survive, look for blood in nearby settlements while hiding from the scorching sun. You must renovate your castle and attract loyal servants in order to develop your vampire empire. In a war-torn world, make online friends, resist holy armies, and wage war against other players.

Combat is necessary for success in V Rising. Depending on the mode you play in, you will need to improve your combat skills to progress in the game. Of course, your arsenal will be critical to your victory. 

Unlike other games, V Rising does not provide skill points when you reach a certain level. In this game, the majority of your fundamental assault actions are already tied to your weapon.

If you want to get more weapons and crafting materials, you’ll have to seek down and defeat fearsome V Blood Bosses.

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How to Defeat Leandra The Shadow Priestess in V Rising

Leandra the Shadow Priestess may be found at the Church of the Damned, which is located in the northern center of the Dunley Farmlands. Because Leandra the Shadow Priestess is a necromancer, she will be flanked by Skeletons and Skeleton Bishops, the latter of which can call additional Skeletons. Yes, a summoning boss does have summoners. (It’s all summoners down here.)

Fortunately, her arena provides you with some cover. As you evade her blows and deal damage to her, concentrate on removing her additions. Keep an eye out for her Spectral Assassin strike, which appears like a ghost rushing at you. It slams into you like a truck.

Her weakest ability is simply an enhanced version of Spectral Assassin. Your screen becomes mostly black, as a swarm of ghosts attacks you. You have a fair chance of defeating her if you can withstand this onslaught. 

Fighting Leandra alone is extremely difficult; you’ll have to slash your way through hundreds of skeletons before you can even approach her. Make a point of eliminating Skeleton Bishops to keep the adds at a tolerable level while you do damage to her.

Rewards for beating Leandra The Shadow Priestess

Following are the rewards for beating Leandra The Shadow Priestess in V Rising

  • Recipe – Skeleton Priest
  • Recipe – Scourge Pendant
  • Recipe – Scourgestone
  • Vampire Power – Spectral Assassin
  • Structure – Jewelcrafting Table

Leandra the Shadow Priestess is completely encircled by mobs, so bring at least one powerful AOE spell with you. You might wish to take some defensive spells as well to defend yourself from her most devastating strike. As with most Dunley Farmlands monsters, you’ll need iron weapons at the very least if you wish to survive.

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