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How to Build Eye of Twilight and Find Soul Shards in V Rising

In V Rising, there are many things players need to unlock and build from the beginning of the game. From Castle to Eye of Twilight, there is a wide range of items players need to unlock and build. Sometimes the resources required for building an item are also required to be unlocked by defeating a particular boss or completing specific missions.

This guide will help you know how to build Eye of Twilight and find Soul Shards in V Rising.

Eye of Twilight in V Rising – How it Helps Finding the Soul Shards?

Eye of Twilight is an item that players will get at the end section of the game while progressing towards the final mission. Soul Shards are one of the essential items to fight with the powerful bosses as they boost various stats of the players. In V Rising, PvE and PvP mode features a different number of Soul Shards, and because the PvP mode has only one Soul Shards of each type, it’s challenging to locate them if they are already taken from the bosses. Here comes the Eye of Twilight, which helps players know the locations of the Soul Shard so they can steal it from the other players.

The structure of Eye of Twilight will be unlocked as you progress through the main story, and it requires a furnace, 4 Spectral Dust, and 4 Gold Ingot. To get Gold Ingots, first, you need to defeat the level 68 boss Azariel the Sunbringer. Once you defeat him, you can now smelt the gold jewelry in the furnace to get Gold. For the Spectral Dust, you need to kill Foulrot the Soul Taker, a level 62 boss, and unlock the recipe for Spectral Dust. Spectral Dust requires 3 Gem Dust and 30 Ghost Crystal to be crafted. Alternatively, you need to kill the Banshee roaming the Cursed Forest. After killing her, you can farm Spectral Dust.

Once you collected all the ingredients for the Eye of Twilight, put them into the furnace, and your Eye of Twilight will be ready. After your Eye of Twilight is ready, go to it and interact with it to mark the locations of the Soul Shards. It’ll mark the areas on the map to make it easier for you to locate where the soul shards are. Once you find out the areas in PvE, you have to fight with the bosses, while in PvP, you most probably fight with other players to acquire the Soul Shard.

That’s all you need to know about how to build the Eye of Twilight and find Soul Shards using it. If you are looking for some help while building Eye of Twilight in V Rising, check out our guide for required information.

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