Best Farming Methods to Get Scales Quickly In V Rising

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You will need materials for crafting various equipment in the game, and one of the materials you will be needing more of is Scales. In this guide, we will see the best scale farming methods in V Rising.

Best Farming Methods to Get Scales Quickly In V Rising

If you are looking for more scales for crafting but don’t know where to look, there are a few methods you can try to farm them in the game. Here we will see what the best farming method to get scales is in V Rising.

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You will need plenty of scales in the late game to craft better armor, and you will come across them while defeating enemies and breaking open chests. But scale drops are few and far in-between. Below we will look at some ways to farm them in V Rising.


While exploring the swamps of Vardoran, you might come across Earthworm creatures. These are highly valuable, as defeating one Earthworm will net you around 70 scales to even 100 scales, making it the best farming method out there. Unfortunately, Earthworms have no fixed spawn point and are hard to find. You can try your luck in Swamp of Greed to farm them.


If you are looking for an easier way to farm scales without the hassle, then fishing is your best bet. But not all fishing spots will guarantee a scale drop from fish, so you will have to check the drops that will be available while hovering over a fishing spot on the map.

Spider Caves

Exploring the Spider Cave where Ungora the Spider Queen resides can get you some scales too. You will have to defeat the exploding spiders here to get them as drops. You don’t have to defeat them head-on, as you can simply provoke them to explode, giving you an easy scales drop. You will get 10 scales per spider killed.


Along with Earthworms, you will also have some luck finding and defeating Frogs found in the swamp. You will find plenty of frogs hopping around, but the scale drops are not as high as the Earthworm. This is still an easy way to farm small amounts of scales quickly. Also, defeating the Duke of Balaton found in the Swamp of Greed can net you a huge amount of Scales.

These are some of the best farming methods to get scales in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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