All V Rising V Blood Bosses and Rewards

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You play as a vampire in Stunlock Studios’ V Rising, ready to build your kingdom by hand by eating as much blood and raw materials as possible. Of course, even while playing with companions, your journey to conquest will be difficult since others are eager to obstruct and dispute your place in the underworld. These dangerous opponents, known as Blood Bosses, were produced from the leftovers of Dracula’s blood, bear the V Blood, and control distinct territories.

In V Rising, there are a total of 37 V Blood Bosses located over Vardoran’s five zones. When you beat these bosses, you will be awarded unique magical abilities and vampire powers, structures, and recipes that will help you advance in the game. This V Rising Boss Guide contains a comprehensive list of all bosses as well as the rewards for beating them.

V Blood Bosses and their Rewards – V Rising

While most V Bloods may be located in certain spots, some can be found wandering specific regions, so you may need to do some exploring to find their precise position. Following are the V Blood Bosses and their particular rewards for defeating them.

V Blood Bosses in Hallowed Mountains

Only two V Blood Bosses may be found in Hallowed Mountains.

Name of the V BossLevel NumberRewards
Frostmaw the Mountain Terror56Ice NovaScroll
Terrorclaw the Ogre68Arctic Leap

V Blood Bosses in Farbane Woods

15 V Blood Bosses are found in Farbane Woods and their rewards are listed below.

Name of the V BossLevel NumberRewards
Alpha Wolf16Wolf Form
Errol the Stonebreaker20AftershockBig Stash
Rufus the Foreman20Blood RageFishing Pole, Sculptured Wood, Hunter’s Crossbow, Painting FrameHunter’s Sculptured Wood, Fishing Pole,Crossbow,  Painting FrameWoodworking Bench
Keely the Frost Archer20Frost BatTraveller’s Wrap, Leather, Empty Canteen,Tannery
Lidia the Chaos Archer26Chaos VolleyThe Devourer
Grayson the Armourer27Crimson AegisWhetstoneLong Boards, Assortment of Statues,Five-Finger Workboards, 
Goreswine the Ravager27Corpse Explosion, Veil of BonesSkeleton, GhoulTomb, ‘Nocturne’ Fences
Clive the Firestarter30Veil of ChaosSulphur, Minor Explosive BoxAlchemy Table. Assortment of Enchanted Braziers and  Torches
Putrid Rat30Rat Form
Polora the Feywalker34Spectral Wolf, Veil of IllusionMinor Garlic Resistance BrewVampire Waygate, Golden Floors
Ferocious Bear36Bear FormFur Rugs
Quincy the Bandit King37Chaos Barrier, Merciless ChargeIron Ingot, Iron Weapons, Hollowfang BattlegearSmithy, Tailoring Bench
Nicholaus the Fallen37Pestilence, Ward of the DamnedStudy
Tristan the Vampire Hunter46Blood HungerGreater Blood Essence
The Winged Horror78Frost Vortex

V Blood Bosses in Dunley Farmlands

10 V Blood Bosses are found in Dunley Farmlands and their rewards are listed below.

Name of the V BossLevel NumberRewards
Beatrice the Tailor38Human FormHunter’s Cloak, Cloth, Cotton YarnLoom, Assortment of Curtains
Vincent the Frostbringer40Frost Barrier, Veil of FrostReinforced PlankPrison Cell
Christina the Sun Priestess44PurgatoryGlass, Holy Resistance Potion, Blood Rose Potion, Empty Glass Bottle
Leandra the Shadow Priestess46Spectral AssassinScourge Pendant, Scourgestone, Skeleton PriestJewlcrafting Table
Terah the Geomancer48Spectral GuardianStructures: Recipes: Siege Golem Stone, Regular GemsGem Cutting Table
Meredith the Bright Archer52Sanguine CoilWool Thread
Octavian the Militia Captain58Mirror StrikeAnvilDark Silver Ingot, Dark Silver Weapons, Dawnthorn Regalia,
Raziel the Shepherd60Crimson BeamSilver Resistance Potion, Corrupted ArtefactAthenaeum
Jade the Vampire Hunter62Powers: Chaos BarrageMajor Explosive Box, Primal Blood Essence
Willfred the Werewolf Chief64Heart StrikeHoly Resistance Flask

V Blood Bosses in Cursed Forest Region

6 V Blood Bosses are found in Cursed Forest Region and their rewards are listed below.

Name of the V BossLevel NumberRewards
Ungora the Spider Queen60Volatile, ArachnidGhost Yarn, Silk, Spiderling
Foulrot the Soultaker62Mist TrancePhantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust, Banshee
The Duke of Balaton62Toad Form
Matka the Curse Weaver72Powers: Unstable MosquitoSchematic, Mosquito
Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer76Bat Form
Gorecrusher the Behemoth78Wisp Dance

V Blood Bosses in Silverlight Hills

4 V Blood Bosses are found in Silverlight Hills and their rewards are listed below.

Name of the V BossLevel NumberRewards
Mairwyn the Elementalist64Crystal LanceImperial Thread
Morian the Stormwing Matriarch68VoidFlawless Gems
Azariel the Sunbringer68Power SurgeGold Ingot
Solarus the Immaculate80Summon Fallen Angel

So it was all about the V Bosses and their rewards. If you haven’t yet conquered them, go play now to receive the rewards.

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