All Bosses Location in V Rising With Map (V Blood Carriers)

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V Rising is an extremely fun vampire survival game. It recently came out and packs several elements that make it genre-defining. These gameplay elements include building a castle and protecting it, expanding your vampire empire, and fighting a bunch of formidable bosses. These bosses are scattered all over the V Rising map and can be dealt with at any point in the game. However, you need to have qualifying gear to be able to overpower them. This makes dealing with bosses difficult.

All V Blood Carriers (Bosses) in V Rising With Map

V Rising currently has 37 V Blood bosses in the Early Access to beat across the map of Vardoran. The map is divided into several regions, each of which packs bosses of varying levels. Defeating these bosses grant players new Vampire powers. Thus, fighting them is one of the main goals in V Rising. These bosses can be tracked by using your Blood Altar only when you have matched their level. However, you can search for them manually and fight them anytime in the guide. Finding these bosses manually can be difficult. This guide will help you do the same.

The 37 bosses are spread across the map of V Rising. The above image will help you point out their locations, and get to them easily. However, you need to do some manual searching as the bosses are not constant in their locations. Also, they can be anywhere within their stronghold. Some spawn only under certain circumstances. Thus, you need to meet those conditions to be able to successfully face the boss and defeat him/her.

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