How to Unlock and Craft Leatherworking Station in V Rising

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The Leatherworking Station is one of the new additions to the game after the Gloomrot update. The first update in the game brings many new things, such as new weapons (pistols and greatswords), bosses, trading hubs, new POIs in Dunley Farmlands, revamped animations and visuals, and more. The castle building finally gets updated, and you can now build multi-story castles. But let’s first look at how to unblock the Leatherworking station and how you can use it.

How to Unlock the Leatherworking Station

To unlock the leatherworking stations in V Rising, you must beat an old boss in the game – the Lidia The Chaos Archer. Many things in the game have changed, including which boss unlocks what, so with the Gloomrot update, you will need to beat Lidia and drink her V Blood to open the production item.

How to Craft the Leatherworking Station

Once you have defeated Lidia, crafting the leatherworking station is quite simple. You only need to hit B on the keyboard and then go to the production tab. From there, locate the item and place it anywhere in your castle. To make the item, you only require 12 Plank and 12 Leather. Both will be simple to make once you have set up the Tannery and the Sawmill.

What Can You Make with Leatherstation in V Rising

While the game’s first installment was great, it lacked certain aspects, such as ways to increase the inventory space. The leatherworking station addresses this. The leatherworking station allows you to make all sorts of specialized pouches to carry particular items and free the inventory space.

So far, these are all the items we can make using the leatherworking station. While you will still find that most things in the game do not fall under the herbs, research, or gem category, the option to expand the inventory size in this update is great to have. Let me know your thoughts in the comments if you are stratified with the new system and what changes would be better. 

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