V Rising: Best Abilities To Use In The Game

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Players in V Rising will eventually have unlocked every weapon and maxed up their levels. At this point in the game, the only thing left to do is go out and defeat the numerous bosses. However, unless players have refined their build, they may be in for a world of hurt.

Naturally, player preference should always take precedence. Some players will just have a build that works best for them, and they should stick to it. This is the moveset to choose if you have the flexibility and want to take on the toughest challenges in V Rising without breaking a sweat.

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Best Abilities to Use in V Rising

Following are the best abilities to use in V Rising game.


Technique 1- Whirlwind (Sword)

Spin around and slash adjacent opponents for 1.1 seconds, causing 35% physical damage every 0.25 seconds.

If you are looking for high-level targets to find more blood essence, consider packing a weapon for the journey. The sword, like the spear for primary attack, is the only first technique ability with no cast time. Even if it had a short cast time, this method would still be at the top of the list due to its high damage output. Furthermore, the character may move while using the ability, preventing opponents from retreating to dodge the assault.

Technique 2- Camouflage (Slashers)

Enter camouflage mode, boosting movement speed by 25% for three seconds. Your next primary strike does 80% physical damage and knocks the adversary out for three seconds. Using any talent compromises disguise.

Once again, the greatest move has no cast time and is the only second technique that lacks a cast time. However, that is not the only reason Camouflage shines. The increased movement speed and near-invisibility aid players in escaping risky circumstances or closing the gap on an opponent. 

Then there’s the last 80 percent damage and three-second knockout. It’s well worth salvaging a weapon to produce the slashers for this approach alone.

Primary Attack


Perform a melee attack combination that does 40%, 40%, and 50% physical damage.

The spear wins the award for greatest primary attack for one simple reason: it is the only weapon without a cast time for its primary strike. Opponents will just sit about and get attacked, whether it’s an opposing vampire or the Alpha Wolf after he’s been hunted down. The spear hits reasonably strongly, strikes swiftly, and has a good combo when the opponent is standing stationary.

Basic Abilities

Sanguine Coil

Launch a projectile that delivers 75% magic damage and drains 40% of an enemy’s health. On ally hit, heals the ally for 100% of your spell power and yourself for 40%.

Even if co-op wasn’t available, the Sanguine Coil would be the finest basic spell in the game. The lifesteal is fantastic, and it has three charges in total, each with its own cooldown. This spell will always have one orb ready to go in any suitable rotation. The damage is little, but it’s the lifesteal that makes it so valuable.

This spell becomes fully powerful when co-op is allowed, since two allied vampires can heal one other and themselves far faster than a team of foes can. This one is a must-have on the ability bar, whether focused on physical damage or ranged spells.

Power Surge

Remove any bad effects from the target ally or self and cast a shield that shields the target for 150 percent of your spell power. Increases movement speed by 25% while the shield is active.

It’s insane to remove all negative consequences from an instant cast. Almost every build has a stun, slow, or weakening effect that prepares the character to be attacked with an ability. Being able to delete this entire section will very certainly result in evading a spell with a long cooldown, such as an ultimate ability. That alone is excellent; the additional mobility spectrum is frosting on the cake.

Travel Ability

Veil of Chaos

Dash in the direction of the input and evade close foes for 2.2 seconds. Your next melee attack does 25% more damage. Can be recast to dash again, creating a second illusion. Your illusions explode, delivering 50% magic damage to opponents nearby.

With a cast time of 0.3 seconds, Veil of Chaos is the fastest travel ability in the game. This is especially crucial for the trip motion because it is typically utilised when danger is approaching. Furthermore, the move may be thrown twice to cover any amount of ground. It allows players to flee or pursue any other vampire in the game. The only exception is if they wear Veil of Chaos as well.

Ultimate Ability

Arctic Leap

Leap into the air and land with 225 percent magic damage at the target area. A ice nova explodes from the point of impact, freezing any opponent hit for up to 6 seconds. For 3 seconds, enemy vampires are frozen.

If any ability is nerfed, it will most likely be the Artic Leap, which has found its way onto almost every build for good cause. It begins with a leap, therefore it has a significant movement benefit. Then it crashes into the ground, doing damage. Then it releases rounds of devastation on any soul who managed to avoid the initial onslaught. Finally, it paralyses the opponent for three to six seconds. Everything a gamer might desire is available with a simple button click.

So there you have it, our guide on the top skills to utilise in the game. Get your hands on these talents and begin playing.

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