Sulphur Ore Locations and Mining in V Rising

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V Rising, a hit vampire survival game from Stunlock Studios, challenges players to survive the brutal environment of Vardoran. Gathering resources and gradually growing stronger is an important aspect of developing and extending your vampire empire. Sulphur ore is an essential resource. You’ll need to mine V Rising Sulphur Ore from numerous sites, and we’ve got you covered.

This guide covers all of the Sulphur Ore locations in V Rising, as well as how to convert it to Sulphur and the most significant item you can build with it.

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Locations of Sulphur Ore in V Rising

The first and most crucial step in locating and mining a resource for a potential vampire ruler is determining where to go. In V Rising, there are hundreds of Sulphur Ore spawn places. Fortunately for beginner players, 

  • The Farbane beginning region is densely packed with Sulphur Ore sites. 
  • Silverlight Hills also has around 20 Sulphur Ore spots as you continue through the game.

Mining Sulphur Ore in V Rising

In order to mine Sulphur Ore in V Rising, go to one of the places listed in the preceding section and destroy the Sulphur Vein. This is best accomplished by utilising a Copper Mace, for which you will need to harvest Copper Ore.

So you’ve mined some Sulphur Ore, and now you can create Sulphur and explosives, which are essential to many gameplay features in V Rising, such as invading castles. You’ll need a Furnace near your Castle Heart to make Sulphur from Sulphur ore. Smelting 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore yield the Furnace.

Then, raise your V Rising Gear Score to 30 and proceed to the Bandit Sulfur Quarry. Here, you must fight Clive the Firestarter in order to obtain the formula for Sulphur and explosives. Clive’s position is also ideal for farming Sulphur Ore, and there are plenty of chests around to open.

To get one Sulphur, you must utilise 20 Sulphur Ore, so add it to your Furnace. Making explosives necessitates the use of an Alchemy Table, which may be obtained by slaying Clive the Firestarter. You will need the following items to make an Alchemy Table:

  • 16x Planks
  • 100x Blood Essence
  • 12x Sulphur

Finally, using the following elements, utilise the Alchemy Table to create a Minor Minor Explosive Box.

  • 4x Whetstone
  • 8x Sulphur
  • 8x Planks

Ultimately, in V Rising, you’ve converted your Sulphur Ore mining adventure into explosives.

So there you have it: all of the Sulphur Ore locations in V Rising, how to mine this resource efficiently, and how to make Sulphur for explosives.

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