How to Get Exquisite Heart in V Rising

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Exquisite Hearts are one of the hardest resources to get in the game and it’s one of the most important as it can make the Primal Blood Essence, which is crucial to progressing your weapons in the game among other uses. Earlier, it was hard to get the unsullied hearts in V Rising, but the devs made it a bit easy. You have a better chance of defeating Jade and unlocking the recipe for primal Blood Essence than farming the Exquisite Heart. Having said that, there are some ways to get the item if you are ready to travel to harder places. Keep reading and we will show you how to get the Exquisite Hearts in V Rising.

How to Farm Exquisite Hearts in V Rising

Like all the hearts in the game, the Exquisite Heart is also a drop from elite enemies. However, you won’t find the item in Farbane Woods, and the chances of the item dropping in Farbane Woods in slim to none. Having said that, I found my first Exquisite Heart in Dunley Farmland from a Brute with the Shield as I was clearing the Bastion of Dunley area. You can go to this area and you don’t have to take on the boss. Just clear the area of all troops and you may be able to get an Exquisite Heart. I tried to farm the area again, but it does not drop the item. So, you cannot farm the same area twice.

Exquisite Heart

Silverlight Hills on the other hand has a better chance of dropping the resource. Another great way to farm the item is to beat the werewolves in Gloomgrave Village. I found 3 over there. It’s not a hundred percent drop, but try to take down 31% and above werewolves for a better chance.

Again, you will need to take down the high-level troops in order for the resource to drop. Even in the Silverlight Hills, the Exquisite Heart is not common, but it drops more than in Dunley Hills and you should have your requirement met there.

That’s all we have in this guide. Hope it helped. Check out the V rising category for more guides and tips on how to play the game.  

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