How to Get Toad Form in V Rising

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In V Rising, you may learn to shapeshift into many animal forms, including human ones. This permits you to blend in with the environment. If you succeed, you will be able to enter an enemy base, slip past your opponents, or even roam the Vardoran universe.

However, in order to shapeshift into such forms, you must first earn them. You may take on six different forms, including wolf, bat, bear, rat, toad, and even human. We’ll look at how to get the toad form in this article.

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Toad Form in V Rising

To obtain the Toad form in V Rising, beat the Duke of Balaton monster. Because the Duke of Balaton is a level 62 monster, you will need to level up your gear before facing him.

The Blood Altar can help you track down this boss. This boss may be found in the Swamp of Greed. After defeating this boss, you can feed on his blood to transform into the Toad form.

You can jump extremely high in the air while in this Toad form. 

The jumps may be utilized to go past various obstacles in your path that you would otherwise have to go around. However, if you take any damage in this state, you will lose the form.

This guide was all about obtaining toad form in V Rising. Check out our V Rising guide for more details.

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