How to Get Library Floor in V Rising

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V Rising has no shortage of items. Since the beginning of the game, players need to collect and craft different items, and Floors are among those. Though they unlock randomly through Study, these floors have some positive effects on the production time in V Rising.

This guide will help you know how to get Library Floor in V Rising.

V Rising Library Floor – How to Obtain it?

Floors play an essential role in V Rising. Like other survival games, V Rising also gives players a lot of things to craft or build, and if their production time gets less, it’ll be helpful for the players. Putting proper floors and placing proper machines on them reduces the production time by 25%. To get a Library floor, players need to build the study first.

To unlock the structure of the study, first players need to kill the level 37 boss, Nicholaus the Fallen. To fight him, go to the Forgotten Cemetery, and he is located at the top of the Cemetery. If you find it hard to locate the Blood Boss, take the help of Blood Altar. Go near the Blood Altar and interact with it. It’ll track the boss’s location, and you can follow the Blood Trail to reach the location.

Library Floor

Once the boss is defeated and you have unlocked the study, gather 40 Planks, 40 Papers, 8 Grave Dust, and 8 Copper Ingot to build the study. Using Study, players can now unlock random technologies for 75 Scroll each. Library Floor is also among the technologies that will be unlocked through the Study. The process is random, and there is no guarantee that your desired item will be unlocked. You may get to the Library Floor earlier if your luck is good; otherwise, you have to try until you get Library Floor. You can also get the Library Floor recipe book as a drop from troops you take down or fishing. However, you have a better shot through the scrolls as they are abundant in Dunley Farmland. Almost all the troops you take down will drop the scroll. They are even found in crates you destroy and chests.

That’s all you need to know about getting Library Floor in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to get some help, check out our guide for required information.

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