How to Find Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising

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Bosses are a common feature in every survival game. The appearance of the mighty bosses makes the game thrilling and challenging. However, being a Vampire survival game V Rising also features several bosses who are pretty hard to defeat, and Nicholaus the Fallen is one of them. 

This guide will help you know how to find Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising.

Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising- Location Guide

Nicholaus the Fallen is a level 37 Blood Boss who is a pretty challenging enemy and before you search for him, make sure you also have reached level 37. Usually, it is hard to find the Blood Bosses, so the game has introduced Blood Altar for the players to locate the bosses easily without wasting much time. Blood Altar needs to be built by collecting 180 Stones, 10 Blood Essence, and the Blueprint. Once you collect these resources, go to the in-game Build menu to make the Blood Altar. 

Generally, you’ll find Nicholaus the Fallen inside the Forgotten Cemetery. However, because he is a level 37 boss, you’ll find him at the top of the Cemetery. Climb up the stairs, and you’ll meet Nicholaus at the top. If you find it challenging to locate Nicholaus, the Fallen, go to the Blood Altar to track him down. Once the Blood Altar tracked him down, you can now follow the Blood Trails to find the exact location.

If you intend to fight with Nicholaus the Fallen, make sure you have reached at least the same level as him. Nicholaus’s AOE attacks are deadly. You need to be careful while fighting with him and try to use Aftershock, Merciless Crossbow, and Chaos Volley against him to take him down faster. Also, it is always the best idea to bring a friend along when fighting with Blood Bosses in V Rising.

That’s all you need to know about how to locate Nichlaus the Fallen in V Rising. However, if you are looking for the Blood Boss but haven’t yet found him, check out our guide for required location information.

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