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Battle Pass Price and Rewards in COD Mobile Season 5

Battle Pass Price and Rewards in COD Mobile Season 5

Activision has confirmed the release date for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5, which will take place on June 1 at 5 p.m. PT. The Apocalypse map, Oden weapon, Echo Grenade, Guns Blazing Encore mode, and more features will be included in the update.

In addition, by levelling up in the COD Mobile Season 5 battle pass, you will be able to unlock numerous in-game goods like camos, operator skins, and more. Everything you need to know about it, including its release date, pricing, free and premium prizes, and more, is included below.

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Battle Pass Price for COD Mobile Season 5

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 will be dubbed Tropical Vision and will be released on the same day as the patch, June 1 at 5 PM PT.

COD Mobile Season 5 battle pass will cost you 220 CP and will include all of the previous battles passes free and premium incentives. However, if you want to quickly access the first 25 tiers as well as receive some special goods, you may purchase the battle pass package for 520 CP.

Battle Pass Rewards for COD Mobile Season 5

While the full list of tier rewards is not yet accessible, Activision has disclosed the highlights, which are all mentioned below.

Free Rewards:

Echo Grenade
Tier 21: Oden Assault Rifle 
Tier 25: Echo – Tiki Troops shotgun 
Tier 50: From the Grave Calling Card

Premium Rewards: 

AK-47, MSMC, PKM, and the Kilo Bolt-Action blueprint
Park — Survivor
Rivas — Smuggler
Rosa – Animal Instincts

You must first download the most recent version of the game from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store in order to receive the most recent battle pass.

Also, be sure to utilise the battle pass as soon as possible because it will only be available for around a month. Activision will shortly release a trailer for the COD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass to offer us a closer look.

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