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COD Mobile Season 4 Best M13 Loadout

COD Mobile Season 4 Best M13 Loadout

The M13 is proving to be far more powerful than we anticipated in Season 4, particularly in Battle Royale. Here’s the ideal M13 loadout for COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Royale if you want to pick up the rifle and include it in your arsenal.

The M13 may be found in Call of Duty: Mobile. It was included as part of the Season 8: 2nd Anniversary update in October 2021. It’s an assault rifle with a rapid firing rate and a powerful headshot multiplier.

The M13 has lower-than-average damage, at 24 to all regions of the body except the head, making it a constant 5-shot kill, which is below-average for the class. However, like its Modern Warfare equivalent, it has an extremely quick firing rate, making the weapon’s time-to-kill realistic.

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COD Mobile Season 4 – Battle Royale’s Best M13 Loadout

Because most of the weaponry that challenged it, notably long-range rifles, were nerfed, the M13 became extremely popular. While it’s still not the greatest from afar owing to its sluggish bullet speed, the number of mobility abilities available in Battle Royale makes the gun far more viable than in COD Mobile’s traditional mode.

StockRTC Assault Tactical
LaserOWC Laser – Tactical
UnderbarrelRanger Foregrip
AmmunitionLarge Extended Mag B
BarrelRTC Heavy Long Barrel

Even though it evaded nerfs, the M13 remains a difficult weapon to learn. The most difficult aspect of using an M13 loadout is battling from a great distance. If you don’t have the tools to come up close to the adversary in a timely manner, try to avoid protracted rage confrontations.

Although one could argue that the AK-47 is a stronger all-around gun owing to its ability to battle successfully at long range, the M13 gives them tremendous value at close range. Fighting several foes is simple if you can manage your spray.

It’s also the greatest gun for the last zones of the game, so even if you don’t take many low-range battles, have an M13 for the final fights, and you’ll win a lot more games.

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