COD Mobile Season 5: How to Get Echo Grenade Tactical

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Season 5 of COD Mobile is almost here, and the June release will include some new tactical equipment in the shape of Echo Grenades. Along with the new grenades, fans may expect a familiar rifle from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.

When the new season launches on June 1st, a new map in the shape of Apocalypse will be automatically unlocked. Almost all other items offered as equipment must be unlocked before they may be equipped in a custom loadout. However, unlocking them in COD Mobile never takes long.

Season 5 appears to be jam-packed with material to keep gamers engaged, including new levels, Battle Pass, weapons, and modes. Along with a familiar gun from the 2019 Modern Warfare Call of Duty game, new tactical equipment dubbed Echo Grenades is finding its way into the game.

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Getting Echo Grenade Tactical in COD Mobile Season 5

Before you can start throwing Echo Grenades against your opponents in COD Mobile Season 5, you must first complete some of the Battle Pass levels. New equipment in a season is usually associated with the Battle Pass because it is added as a prize therein. There are usually a few open ranks among the 50 ranks.

Because free prizes include new equipment, there is no need to purchase the whole Battle Pass. However, acquiring the necessary equipment will take some time. Ranks in the pass are usually faster than normal, although they still require a lot of matches and tasks to accomplish for XP.

If you miss Season 5 of COD Mobile, which is just around a month-long, the way of getting equipment like Echo Grenades or the Oden assault weapon will change. Before the Oden can be used, there will be a new challenge related to kills.

There are several paths that equipment may take. When the season is over, the equipment may face a new problem. In other circumstances, the equipment may be placed in prize boxes that may be opened with earned points.

Working of Echo Grenade Tactical 

The main objective of your own Echo Grenades when you unlock them is to show enemy locations in a particular region. The grenades will employ pulses upon impact to disclose adversaries through any obstructions. In essence, they function as portable UAVs or photo grenades.

There is a technique to counter the Echo items so that they are no longer indestructible. The only way to accomplish this is to equip the Ghost perk, which also blocks streaks from opposing UAVs or other radar systems.

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